Cleaning, Organizing Garage

Things pile up.

I use to think storying (putting things up) was a virtue, and it can be, but there is a tipping point. One much be able to have access to the things one needs, when they need them, otherwise not cost is saved and dissatisfaction prevails.

Though going through the mess, has a joy of its own. When you find something you had lost, or discover something you forgot you had acquired, there is joy and rejoicing. Well maybe that was a bit of over the top, but I am glad to have put the effort into discover and organization for it has lasting effects (measured in weeks, at-least).

An example of the the items saved or rediscovered is the tool I am using to write and post this entry. My 2001 PowerBook G4, which was quite a tool in its time. It more than paid for itself during my web design days and still today, to boots and gets online like a champ. It feels nice (the soft keyboard), the elegant lines around the frame and soft LCD. Steve made good stuff in the day. I am tempted to install Linux on it, but why mess up a good thing.

Speaking of good things… My children who were such a pain all day. Turned into decent helpers in the task of throwing away and handing item so their mother. I am glad they are around to help.


The garage is not done, but I feel good about the day, a cherished day off with the family.

Protest, Voting, and Change

When the populous understands a wrong as been committed against another, the desire for justice or avenge, would be acted upon, but not exclusively. A bereaved group within the populous should not merely seek a single retribution, but target the policy and policy makers, to enact lasting, cultural change.

In a democratic republic, the populous (save women, renters, illiterate, felons and juveniles) have the authority to elect representatives (who are called to carry out the desires of the majority). Because the voting populous is a minority of a given community, a motivated group can have representation outside of mere numbers. Persuasion, especially in cases of a bereaved minority, can be used powerfully to move the majority or other minorities to a single side for change.

Seeking change through protest, does not enact change within a democratic republic. Publicity through protest, for persuasion purposes, is also not effective as it tends to polarize public opinion or not gather the attention from those who could be changed.

When representatives of the voting majority and policies enacted by those representatives are understood to either cause a wrong or useless to prevent it, it is proper and right for change to take place through election of new representatives and thus policies.

An active and practical example of a bereaved group are those motivated to protest by the death of Andy Lopez; a juvenile killed by deputies of an elected representative (sheriff), acting in accordance with policies set by the representative. The populous also elected a representative (District Attorney) to put before a judge and jury violators of the laws and policies of the community. Because the killing occurred within the guidelines of a policy set forth by the elected representative avenge or retribution will not take place in this case, but change can. Changing representatives and policies to prevent future killings of this order are not only possible, but preferable by all parties involve and to the community in general.

Policies for preventing gun violence have successfully been put in place in other communities, The bottom-up approach from elected representatives starts with the Superintendent of Schools, who could have a policy of firearm education. Educating juveniles on safe handling (or no handling), on tactically what constitutes a threat (brandishing, pointing barrel, etc), on physics, deadliness and explosive power of ammunition and finally community laws associated with owning, possessing, and transporting firearms of all calibers. The policies of a Sheriff determine how deputies carry, brandish and discharge firearms and less-lethals in accordance with public safety. When approaching others in the community with firearms, in order to deescalate and preserve life and hold no one life greater then another, can be set by the elected representative. And finally, an elected lawyer, the District Attorney to guard the policies and laws in this community in order that the voting majority may know justice is blind and balanced.

For all the energy of the motivated minority seems to have been expended in protest and not change, when the bereaved does not even put forth a candidate to represent them, (sheriff was reelected unopposed) there is a disconnect. Either the populous does not understand the power they possess in this democratic republic or change was not something desired.

Understanding A Bag Ban

Why are people talking about a thin device to carry goods, purchased from merchants? People tend to approach this topic from one of two sides: those who love the feeling of helping their community and serving the authority and those who hate any additional financial burden. Both are ridiculous and missing a bigger issue.

How is one helping the community by bringing a bag? Is the community made better by merchants no longer being able to supply advertising and carrying devices to individuals who wish to purchase goods from them? Are reusable bags saving money, lasting longer, and able of keeping waste contained until deposited in landfill? Are used bags more sanitary and thus lower incidents of disease?

Is the price of paper bags an issue? Bags were never free, just factored into the price of merchandise. A few cents is nothing compared to the food inflation patrons have swallowed. Merchants were able to be more clever, like reduced quantity, retaining price. Patrons are going to bring a bag to save ten cents?

What is the bigger issue, which both sides seem to be missing? Who told these select merchants they need to inform patrons, how the bread is buttered? Who threatened these select merchants with fines, if they do not comply with this edict? Who wrote this ordinance? Who voted on it?

Sonoma County Waste Management Agency was formed in 1992 to help Sonoma County and her nine cities comply with AB939 (which instructed cities to reduce garbage by fifty percent). SCWMA completed the goal for which she was formed in 2003 and has been looking for reasons to justify her budget ever since. The county was not granted this level of control, by the people. There was not a voter referendum in city, county, or state.

There is no justification for this form of government regulation of commerce, in a free economy. Free markets breed innovation and are supplied by the will of the people. If people would like to carry merchandise home in a bag of their choice, they can in a free market. Or those who would rather collect a bag from a merchant with advertising on the side, that too may be an option in a free market. Capitol in a free market will be allocated to the greatest purpose within that community and thus those who do not act in the best interest of the community will fail. But in a regulated society where merchants are forbidden from advertising and must supply bags with state approval, those businesses fail for completely the wrong reason (going galt). Innovation is stifled. Broken systems persist, and those who have an inside track on government legislation prosper (fascism).

Government control has caused the problem they are now try to fix through more control. Government banned hemp: a lumber (paper), cotton, and future plastic competitor. Government banned burning, which could be used to eliminate waste and generate renewable energy.

Those who impose their will on others are tyrants; with threats they attempt to rule with fear. Morality can not be legislated. A bag (like a plant) is not evil. The ability of a merchant to advertise is free speech. Instead of swashing commerce, encourage innovation. Instead of threatening fines and fees, promote makers of alternative materials and award grants. We can reduce waste, generate energy, innovate, and prosper, if we free the market.

It is just a bag! Or is it?

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